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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  We know this is a very exciting time for you.  Did you know that the Church teaches that your love for each other expressed in your life-long marriage is an icon of God himself!  You are called to an exalted life of discipleship and we are here to help you in any way that we can.  On this page you will find a short outline of the preparation process along with links for registering for Engaged Encounter in the area and a link to the Marriage Preparation Policy for the Archdiocese.

Marriage Preparation

To begin the process of marriage preparation you should contact the priest that you plan to have witness your wedding.  To do this, call the parish office of his parish.  He will walk you through the preparation from there.  He will ask you to do five things:

  1. meet with him for a number of sessions to talk about the Biblical and Sacramental understanding of marriage, which differs very much from our culture.  The first session usually involves gathering a good bit of information.
  2. arrange to have you take a FOCCUS Inventory (which helps couples enhance their relationship by discussing important topics including communication, problem-solving skills, religion, dual careers, parenting, intimacy, finances and more)
  3. discuss marital sexuality and responsible parenting (known as MSRP; he may do this himself or ask you to watch a video)
  4. complete training in Natural Family Planning (available online as well as in person)
  5. attend either an Engaged Encounter weekend or a Pre-Cana type of session

If you choose to attend Engaged Encounter –

Engaged Encounter is a weekend-long experience where couples learn what the Church teaches about the Sacrament of Marriage, as well as the practical skills needed for a successful marriage.  These weekends are held periodically throughout the year.  Follow the links below to find out more information about how to register for an Engaged Encounter weekend. (Talk to your priest before registering for any Engaged Encounter or Pre-Cana event.)

Engaged Encounter Mobile

Engaged Encounter Pensacola/Tallahassee

Engaged Encounter Atlanta

Engaged Encounter Birmingham

Marriage Preparation Policy for the Archdiocese of Mobile

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