NFP in the Archdiocese of Mobile

Creighton Model Method:

FertilityCare Centers – United States – Alabama

Our Lady of Grace FertilityCare Center
Mobile, AL 36608
Phone: 251-421-3581


Sympto-Thermal Method:

Brian and Vicki Petter
St. Bede the Venerable Catholic Church
3870 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36109
Phone: 334-356-5357

Northwest Family Services SymptoPro Online Training-
You can sign up through this link and begin taking a quality course in SymptoPro™ Fertility Education.  The course consists of three self-paced sessions taken two weeks apart. You can begin at any time and complete the series within 4 months, though a typical time frame is 4-12 weeks. Communication with your assigned instructor is integrated throughout the course and occurs mostly via email, though phone calls can be made upon request. On-going chart reviews continue for the first 4-6 cycles. and receive personalized follow-up with a certified SymptoPro™ Provider. This makes it easy to move at your own pace while still receiving effective and comprehensive training with personalized follow up.

Couple to Couple League-
Offers classes in three modes:  Live onsite, Live online, and Self-paced Online.


Billings Method:

Couples may take a course in the Billings Ovulation Method from Natural Family Planning Online at: