The St. John XXIII Catechist Certification Program is a course of study of the Archdiocese of Mobile to better prepare catechists, youth ministry teams, Catholic school teachers, youth ministry leaders and parish catechetical leaders for catechetical ministry.

Classes comprising the theology component of this program are offered on a monthly basis in parishes and schools throughout the archdiocese.  These sessions are called “Be Prepared Apologetics Sessions”.

The spiritual component of the program can be attained through a number of different offerings sponsored by the Department of Catholic Education and others.

The methodology component is offered as requested by parish leaders throughout the archdiocese.

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Theology Component:

The theological component has three dimensions.  Those seeking to complete the program will attend the Be Prepared Apologetics lectures which are offered in parishes and are open to all people, including those who are not catechists.  Those in the program will have reading/video assignments associated with the lecture (typically 1-2 hours per month), and will demonstrate mastery of the material through assessments offered on-line.  Readings are taken from the New Catholic Answers Bible.  These are available for $30 (includes tax) through the Office of Religious Education. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact the OEFL

.  This Bible can also be purchased through Our Sunday Visitor or Amazon.


Spiritual Component:

Participants will take part in two spiritual formation events per year.  Such events are offered by the OEFL or OYM, but options are not limited to these offerings.


Methodology Component:

Two methodology workshops are offered for catechists who do not have state education certification.  Teachers in schools who have state education certification are invited and encouraged to complete these workshops, but are not required to do so to complete the program.  (Additional information about the workshops can be found in the “brochure” link below.



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In order to be certified with the St. John XXIII Catechist Certification Program, attendance is mandatory at the live presentations or the facilitated video showings of the Be Prepared apologetics presentations.  Attempting to take a quiz without fulfilling this requirement will be considered cheating.


Upcoming Be Prepared Apologetics Presentations and John XXIII Workshops


St. John XXIII Catechist Program Brochure