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St. John XXIII Catechist Program

We have recently upgraded our quiz program.  Because the upgrade is on a different platform, all participants will need to create a new account for this new platform.  You can use the same username and password as you had previously, or you can choose new ones.

When logging onto this new program for the first time, create a new account.  Click “Create New Account” (found in the gray “user login” box) and then follow instructions to create your account.


To access the additional assignments or to take a quiz, please click here.

In order to be certified with the St. John XXIII Catechist Certification Program, attendance is mandatory at the live presentations or the facilitated video showings of the Be Prepared apologetics presentations.  Attempting to take a quiz without fulfilling this requirement will be considered cheating.

Upcoming Be Prepared Apologetics Presentations and John XXIII Workshops


St. John XXIII Catechist Certification Program Brochure


One of the resources for the St. John XXIII Catechist Program is the New Catholic Answer Bible. These are available at the discounted rate of $30 (includes tax) through the Office of Religious Education. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact the ORE.

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